Undercut – men’s haircut


Modern men are attentive to their appearance. Guys want to be attractive and keep all eyes on them so they work out their fashion. Creative style and immaculate haircut are the first things which attract attention. In this case, the undercut is suitable – trendy set, which is super popular now. It can be done in a professional men’s hair salon – barber’s shop. Let’s find out to whom such haircut suits.


The haircut “undercut” took over the world by its provocative looking and universalism. Side undercut is suitable for men with different face types. Independently from the structure of the hair, the setting will be perfect. Undercut on the photo and in the life looks astonishing – look at Brad Pitt in the film “Fury”. In addition, it doesn’t need combing throughout a day, so that men really like it. Visit barbershop once and it will be enough to look well-coiffed for a long time.

The undercut is compatible with different styles of clothes. The undercut is suitable for sport wear, strict official suit and casual style etc. But it is not very easy to create so all-in-one masterpiece on the head as it seems.

Technic of the Undercut


Undercut set is considered as a complicated hairstyle. It demands barber’s attentive attitude and considering many peculiarities.
“How to do the haircut undercut” – don’t google it. Only a professional barber should do it. And of course, it is essential to find out what the client wants to get in the end, to listen to the client’s wishes and name all techniques of men’s undercuts.

It is a good idea to show the client a catalogue of undercut hairstyles in order to give him an opportunity to see the front and back look. It will be understandable for the client how the set haircut looks like from all sides. It can give a chance to figure out the specific and to estimate the originality of the appearance.

After the negotiations of the details, the clipping starts. As well as men’s undercut, women’s (yes, it exists) begins with the temples. Women’s undercut is based on the shaving off a hair. An output shape can be bevelled, triangular and straight. The length can be up to the earlobe and also to the middle of the pinna. Of course, you can watch a video about undercut and ask a friend to do it but, once more, we do not recommend – go to the professional.

To make the set attractive it’s better to cut hair when it is longer than 10 centimetres. Such length let us try different undercut types.

Kinds of the undercut


The price for the undercut depends on the complexity and, obviously, on the hairdressing salon. Barber’s shop can offer such kinds of undercut:

Military. This undercut set is suitable for men with short hair. It is chosen by fans of simple, but trendy hairstyles. Barbers in corporate salon know how to put such undercut. While cutting, temples, nape and hair atop are shaved. This undercut back is quite edgy but looks spectacularly. However, it can be smoothed with experiments with the length of hair. This hairstyle doesn’t need the owner’s attention, it doesn`t need care and special cosmetics.

Pompadour. In another way, it is called “undercut with long hair”. It lets to add to the appearance something new and special. There are varieties but one is unchangeable – hair is well combed back. In this case, the set also doesn`t need any efforts. Master will tell you how to do the hair back without gel. Wax, mousse and pomade are used for the styling it. Cosmetics of Imperial Barber Products brand will be suitable. It will help to do the men’s hairstyle with a ponytail in the back. You can buy these cosmetics in our online shop FIrm Store.

Longer hair, more interesting look. It is important not to shave the whole occipital region of head and temples. The short length is always left otherwise it will be another hairstyle.


With parting and side set. Men’s haircut “Hair back” is in fashion again, but classic has changed – it is fleshed out with the parting and combing to the side hair. The feature is in long hair. It is should be longer than 5 centimetres. It is necessary to comb hair to any side.

A professional in the barbershop will tell you how to do this hairstyle Side undercut with the parting is suitable for youngsters without a beard, an more better is for guys without a beard at all. By the way, the hairdresser will tell you how to do the undercut hairstyle. Men`s hairstyles with a ponytail back are suitable for even business suit. It is important to keep up a rigidity of a partition, lines and accurate divide sections. Popular people, media personalities, thought leaders and businessmen have their hair cut in this way in Kyiv.

With a design. It is hard to find those whom the short haircut doesn`t fit. Despite the age and style, it matches well with the men`s look. And short haircut will get better if you add a design. Naturally, if it is suitable for your style.

The design is shaved on the back of the head or on temples. Meanwhile, hair is messy and set chaotic. The look is interesting and stunning – such a creative mess. The cream BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA helps to achieve the necessary effect on the thin sections. Abundant and hard sections can be set with a PLIABLE CLAY PALL MALL BARBERS.


Undercut - men's haircut

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