Top Knot — men’s haircut


Since last few years men`s haircut Top Knot has got a many-millioned army of fans. The top knot is chosen because of its diversity of variants, originality and simplicity of modelling. If a list “Trendy men`s haircuts” would exist, the top knot was on the first place. Of course, earlier men also made their hair stand up, but today it is in trend.

Men with long hair are trying to “optimise” it, make it more practical not to make wearing it like a curse. That`s why the top knot exists. You can get any kind of this hairstyle in the FIRM hairdressing salon.

The top knot is an enhanced variant of classical men’s burn hairstyle in the technology of performing. The top knot makes an impressive look – the beauty of the hair, its volume and features of the face are emphasised. The hairstyle “ponytail” is popular as well as the “undercut” after the film “Fury” had come out. It is chosen by representatives of different professions, religions and estates. The main thing is that such trendy hairstyles make guys’ appearance more attractive and showy.



Men’s hairstyles with a ponytail had been connected only with hipsters until quite recently. This haircut is really loved by fashionable youngsters, but not every youngster is a hipster. If you had an experience in sitting for a few hours in barber`s shop, you would notice that the top knot is popular among youngsters as well as adult and serious men. The brand top knot is a choice of men who are tending to be in trend. Even a simple variant of the styling of this haircut with gathered together hair and long strands on the sides looks extraordinary without talking about shaved temples.

In doing so a standard imagination about how man has to look is changing. men`s haircut top knot is creativity, which does not diminish the courageous. it sounds obvious but it is a fact: when a man has a topknot, it means he is used to going beyond, it is a sort of “informal”.

To tell the truth, before doing the men’s top knot, you need to let your hair grow long. Don`t be afraid – you don`t need to wait a few years, 15 cm will be enough for the minimal top knot. But if you want the standard one, it really takes years. Hair must be from the beginning of the hand to the end of the phalanges – it is a necessary minimum. Professional barber will create a haircut and styling on such strands. Man needs to choose the certain variant of top knot before doing it.


The first top knots were worn by samurais. Since those times a lot of different techniques of gathering hair into the knot had come to us:

  • Loosely gathered lock on the top
  • The knot in front and shaved hair below. In this case, a shaped line is really important.
  • Ponytail. The strands are strongly fixed with a bungee band. it is not Japanese yet, it is Chinese style which is also popular. it is chosen for simplicity of styling and haircut as well.

To do any top knot(and then take care of it) is harder if the hair is curly. In this case, strands are straightened before cutting off, then the modelling starts.

Top Knot - men`s haircut


Here the home variant:

  • Thoroughly wash the hair with quality shampoo and it is desirable to use hair conditioner then. The professional product “three in one” by the IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS is suitable. You can buy it in our online shop FIRM Store.
  • Dry hair.
  • Tilt your head – the strands will be on the sides.
  • Comb your hair with an accuracy not to leave some matted hair.
  • Make your hair stand on. Fix it with bungee band, but not too strongly.
  • Model a knot and fix it one more time with a bungee band.

That’s all – men’s hairstyle with the ponytail is ready. The classical variant is modelling in such way. There is one more kind of styling along with the previous one – with the shaved temples.


In 2018 men were interested in classical men’s hairstyle “topknot” with shaved temples. It is chosen by trendy youngsters and it is not surprisingly – you can see topknot on the models at the time of fashion shows. The haircut successfully emphasises the dignity of appearance and hides drawbacks.

The only thing – shaved temples are not suitable for everyone. Men’s haircuts with ponytail and shaved temples will not fit people with a thin and long face. Sportsmen, businessmen and military men nor rarely should abandon this hairstyle because of their specificity of work. Men’s haircut topknot will not fit people with bright face features: big and poppy-out ears, massive nose. In these situations, barbers will offer you other kinds of stylings, which allow hiding the drawbacks of the appearance. It can be British style, faux hawk, undercut.

And you can be sure that you’ll have help in the online-shop FIRM Store in selecting products for styling and care. They are always available there. Men’s haircut which is shortly shaved at the sides doesn’t need special care. It is enough to use any cosmetics such as gel, pomade or paste to make an attractive look in the morning. We strongly recommend the paste WORKABLE PALL MALL BARBERS. It is good for styling medium-length hair. The HARD WATER POMADE BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA will be suitable too.

Top Knot

Top Knot

Top Knot

Top Knot

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