Create a new image or update the old one regularly? At FIRM Barbershop they do both, no matter how difficult the task. Time-tested models of machines, the best scissors, combs from recyclable materials, combined hairdressing techniques from masters with many years of experience – all for the best result. This is what constitutes quality in our understanding. The service consists of, in fact, cutting, and also washing your hair before and styling after. All this takes an hour of time.

The first haircuts appeared in the 9th century. They looked like instruments of torture and were completely mechanical – that is, the knives worked from the rotation of the valve by the hand. Convenience is very doubtful, but in those years it was a real breakthrough. In 1911, Leo J. Val (later WAHL CEO) invented and created the first electric haircut. Since then, their principle of operation and appearance by and large remain unchanged. After all, everything ingenious is ingeniously simple: an engine, a body and knives.


Nowadays, short haircuts are gaining popularity again: they are practical, unpretentious in care and look neat. And it seems that since such haircuts are easy to wear, then just cut them - but this is not so. The main difference of a good haircut is that it is always performed on the basis of the client’s head shape, facial features, and most important is what he wants to transmit to the world through his appearance. And if the form and features are technical skills, then understanding the client’s inner world is a psychological skill and it comes only after many years of experience.

The “Hair Clipper” service is a simple haircut, taking into account the shape of the head and facial features, without the use of scissors, but with a neat edging line. To get a perfectly straight line, craftsmen often resort to a classic hazard razor instead of edging machines. The price of the service includes washing your hair with professional niche cosmetics, which FIRM Store exclusively imports. All these procedures take 40 minutes.

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