Today guys pay their attention to the appearance more than earlier. Thus, the main demand for the haircut is simple and fast care. Men’s haircuts “executive contour’’ refer to these criterions. Previously, athletes and the military used to wear executive contour, but now these trendy short men’s haircuts are chosen by men of different professions and ages who lead an active and dynamic life. Despite the simple modelling scheme, the haircut always turns out to be special – after all, each person has a unique head shape and facial features.

At the request of the client, they will leave a bang in the men’s barbershop and effectively lay it down. An elongated half-box goes to self-confident men, and customers who like to change their image choose a half-box with bangs. In the first case, an ordinary haircut machine is provided – completely without scissors. To give the haircut originality, often shave some pattern. This option is especially suitable for young people – it is made even for children. Well, or just to add an image of creativity.


Полубокс - мужская стрижка

Stylish men’s haircuts “executive contour” have many advantages that make them popular. These hairstyles are in harmony with completely different styles of clothing: from military uniforms to T-shirts and shorts. Hairstyle adds masculinity and makes a man visually younger.

Another advantage is the ease of daily care and modelling. Hairstyles for 5 minutes – not fiction, but reality. At the same time, even curly hair can be obedient. Executive contour focuses on the features of the appearance and facial features – they become more expressive. In the barbershop, the master will be able to emphasize the pros and hide the cons of appearance.

It is worth noting the versatility of the executive contour. The haircut can be done on different types of hair, men with different face shapes. For example, haircuts for a square face are very difficult to find – and then the executive contour will be the perfect solution. Let’s figure out who fits it.



Well, almost everyone. Although it is generally accepted that the haircuts of the executive contour are universal, you still need to take into account the features of the client’s appearance. Branded haircut executive contour looks good on owners of oval and round types of faces. The executive contour goes perfectly on straight and volumetric curls. A professional will make executive contour even on curly hair. And the styling is done quite simply – even at home.


мужская стрижка

If you are interested in doing the executive contour, it is better to watch a video – visibility is more effective. But you can read of course. It is a pretty simple men’s haircut, so you can have your hair cut by your friend-father-brother. But it is better to turn to our hairdressing salon in Kyiv.

For creating the executive contour a barber needs straight and thinning scissors, a clipper with different nozzles and combs. Experienced barber needs only a comb with frequent teeth and a clipper. That’s all. If you’re going to have your hair cut by friend-father-brother, it is better to have all the appliances mentioned above.


Cutting begins with processing the nape and temples. Then, the lower area. Independently from a kind of executive contour, the haircut is done with clean and washed hair. While modelling, strands are combed in the direction of hair growth. it is necessary to mark the spot of the fade from short to long hair with the straight scissors. Next hair is cut off in the centre interchangeably, on the sides. With the help of scissors and a clipper, hair is shortened to the appropriate length.

It is important to take into account the features of the temple area while doing the hair. The executive contour haircut has a row of significant issues in the technique of performing. If temples are hollow the border zone is lower than the natural one. The convex zone is lifted. The top of the temples is cut off. The final act in working on temples is the correction of strands to the appropriate length. The hair is shortened. The borderline is made with the clipper, and smooth fades with thinning. it is done from the ends to hair roots 2-3 cm higher than the line. The executive contour looks better with the quiff when it is cut to 45-50 angle.

Qualitative styled executive contour must be oval. The quiff should be done at the end of the hairdressing. Use a comb working with voluminous hair. The issue is that in executive contour double border is included. But it is not enough to create the hairstyle, you need to learn how to style it.



The styling, in this case, can be simply done. The main thing is to do it immediately after waking up. The look of self-confident man, alfa male, in other words, is implemented with lifting up the quiff and creating “artistic confusion” at the nape.

In doing so, you can use cosmetics, for example, cream of the brand BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA and clay WARCABLE PALL MALL BARBERS. Presented products are always available in the FIRM Store online-shop or in the FIRM hairdressing salon. With the help of cosmetics for men, it can be fast styled as sporty hairstyle and classical variant as well. To look attractive and stylish with executive contour, men don’t need to make a great effort. Manufacturers of cosmetics have already done everything instead of men – it is important only to choose the most appropriate cosmetics. Then, daily care will turn out to be really easy.

мужской полубокс

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