Whatever the variety of men’s haircuts in 2018 and in the future, the British Style will never be out of fashion. From year to year, from Cannes to Hollywood, men with a British Style appear on all red carpets. Such men’s hairstyles are chosen by everyone: boys and men, celebrities and office workers. How to choose a haircut that fits exactly your type and style will be told in our barbershop FIRM. To decide whether the British Style will suit you, let’s find out what she is like.



British Style is a harmonious combination of elegance and rebellion. The hairstyle looks careless, but at the same time neat. Such a creative mess. Therefore, these men’s hairstyles and popular in 2018. Let’s figure out how to create them.

British hair does not require complex manipulations. Of course, if this is done by a professional, and not by a home hairdresser – in this case, the “home craftsman” should try hard. British Style is done on strands of a length of 10 cm and more. Such fashionable men’s haircuts are based on cutting off, which starts from the back of the head. The length of the bags is not removed.

At the temples and nape areas, it is important to create gradual fades of hair length from 4 to 9 mm. For this hairdresser in the men’s barber’s shop uses different nozzles. Depending on the wishes and features of the appearance, parting must be done. To make a British Style haircut look like a true British one, it is made not with ordinary, but with thinning scissors. How do these men’s haircuts show in the photo below.

They are suitable for almost every man, of course, provided that they are made with high quality.



From the moment of appearance, such male short haircuts were attributed to the youth direction. Over time, society has become younger, and the haircuts are “aged”: now the British can be seen both on the schoolchild and on the pensioner.

British Style is a trend styling. Modern men’s haircuts are shown in the video below.

Below that is a photo of men’s haircuts.


Pay attention to growth photos: here you can see that the British looks better on tall men. The main thing is that hair is medium-length so it will be a classic men’s haircut. The look created by professionals, in this case, turns out to be romantic and careless.

Experts say that similar male hairstyles with bangs are universal. They are made to people with different hair structure and face type. But by default, such men’s haircuts are suitable for a round face. The only requirement, and generally for any haircut: take into account the features of the appearance. This is what masters in professional barber shops do. Moreover, there is not only trimmed but also tell you how to care for your hair.



Male hairstyles of medium length, as well as short, as well as long, need daily styling. This is the most difficult moment. The modelling itself is quite simple – it takes the master ten minutes to do it. But without experience, it will take you about twenty minutes at first, and maybe more. Then get used to it and start styling faster.

To make it look like Egor Creed’s hairstyle, you will need special cosmetics. We recommend wax, gel and lipstick brands NEVILLE and WORKABLE PALL MALL BARBERS. All these are in our online store FIRM Store in Kiev. And the final styling options look below – on the photo of men’s hairstyles.

British haircut technology is performed necessarily after shampooing. Firstly, put a pomade or gel on wet hair. Then, with the help of a comb with frequent teeth, give the desired look to the bangs. How to make a British hairstyle look at the video and photos.

If you do not have lush and thick hair – still do not despair. To create the desired image will come with styler and diffuser. And you can also remember about men’s haircuts with shaved temples. In this case, styling can be done by three methods:

  • Bangs and long strands are lifted up
  • Hair is combed to the side
  • Strands are spread towards the neck

So in this way, men’s haircuts for short hair are styled. The method of styling depends on the type: for example, a male haircut was made with or without parting.



Hairstyles for short men’s hair should be chosen depending on the thickness, volume, type of hair and face. There are some types of haircuts:

  • Men’s hairstyles with long bangs. Bangs is laid out on its side, and the emphasis is on reducing the length of the strands. To make the haircut more spectacular, they use cosmetics with glitter.
  • Men’s hairstyles with bangs on the side. This option is suitable for people with curly hair. It is difficult to style such hair, therefore we recommend professional cosmetics: for example, the SOFT WATER POMADE from the brand BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA.
  • Classic. Bangs is on the side. The lines are strict and clear. When modelling, the hair is not thinned. The length of the strands – a maximum of 5 centimetres: with a longer strands hairstyle will not look so impressive.
  • Men’s haircuts for rare hair.
  • Sporty. Here: gradual fades from short hair to long. Does not need daily care and remains intact in any weather.
  • Men’s hairstyle with hair back. In this case, all the strands are combed (surprise!) back. The haircut can be both with bangs and without as well.

British Style - men’s haircut

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