MEN’S HAIR CUT IN KYIV — 450₴ - 800₴

Create a new image or update the old one regularly? At FIRM they do both, no matter how difficult the task is. Time-tested models of machines, the best scissors, combs from recyclable materials, combined hairdressing techniques from masters with many years of experience – all for the best result. This is what constitutes quality in our understanding. The service consists of, in fact, cutting, and also washing your hair before and styling after. All this takes an hour of time.

We at FIRM do not chase fashion and trends, because fashion comes and goes, but the style remains. FIRM Barbershop is the first men’s hairdresser in Ukraine and we set trends. But FIRM is not just a hairdresser, it is a community of like-minded people who are close to the classic style and classic masculine values: conciseness, restraint and severity. And the style here is a secondary issue, the main thing is values. They unite, allow you to communicate openly, speak as you are and remain friends.

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In FIRM, we are inspired by the classics and classic approach. Our masters are bright personalities and they easily find a common language with the same bright clients. As a result of such communication, the accomplishment of going to the FIRM men's hairdresser will not be an artificially created, but organically crystallized image from your individual features. The master will see, hear or feel what you want to transmit to the world through his appearance - and will help you with this.

We cut hair, shave beards and moustaches using classic techniques. During the service, our administrators pour whiskey or beer so that guests relax and enjoy the process. And another FIRM division - FIRM Store - supplies exclusive niche cosmetics from the USA, Japan and Europe. You can come to us long before the time of your recording - chat, drink, read, and just relax and spend time as you like.

Founded in 2012
Impeccable quality
The best masters
Strengthening true masculine values

Основаны в 2012г

Безупречное качество

Лучшие мастера

Укрепляем истинные мужские ценности


10:00 — 21:00 (SEVEN DAYS A WEEK)