Flattop(Playground) – men`s haircut


The today beauty industry is working not only for women. Men`s hairdressing salon like a bar where everyone can choose a preferable haircut. Stylish hairstyles are differing with their methods of performing, creativity, using the set of instruments and necessary cosmetics for styling. And also – hairdresser`s skills.

But men who have an active and dynamic life are tempted to simple haircuts. These short stylish men`s haircuts are examined by generations and easy to care for. One of them is flattop.

Flattop(Playground) - men`s haircut


The haircut is characterised by strict lines and form clarity. These features make look more courageous. Flattop is popular among celebrities as Cristiano Ronaldo and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is easy in caring and looks quite impressive.

It is hard to do somebody this haircut for the first time – it is hard to implement. Not every hairdresser can manage with it, but high qualified hairdresser in barber`s shop can. Also, flattop can be formed not with any hair – only with thick and hard hair. The main thing is that hair should grow not straight but at an angle.

It is enough to wash hair 2-4 times a week and comb hair in an appropriate way to have a hairstyle good looking. A lot depends on adherence of cutting method.

Flattop(Playground) - men`s haircut


In Kyiv men`s barber`s shop, before doing a haircut client will be helped with choosing a haircut. Master will talk about details of the haircut with the client and take into account all individual appearance features. All instruments which are used for creating this haircut are a clipper and a specific one – flattoper – it is a hairbrush for the flattop. It is wide and flat comb with a handle in which there is a window where an air bubble is floating in the liquid. Thanks to that it is possible to control how exactly the hair is cut – it works as builders level. All the time while cutting hairdresser monitors in which position the air bubble is – it must be in the middle.

In the end, the client`s hair is washed, dried and fixed with styling cosmetics. Hairdressers act in that way when doing short haircuts as on the photo too, and also casual haircuts. Flattop can be styled in different ways.


The main feature of the hairdo for round face shape is shaving hair at the nape and temple areas. In doing so, 5 cm strands are left at the parietal area. The zone is cut off under the line and formed into the flat surface. You can see how it looks like on the video.

The styling of the flattop is not as simple as it seems. It demands not just hairdresser`s preparation, but the client`s as well. Only at first glance, all these hairstyles have no differences – there are a variety of types of the flattop:

  • Classical. This is traditional youth-oriented hairstyles for guys where temple and nape areas are shaved. The haircut doesn`t need styling so that military and sportsmen appreciate it.
  • With a design. It fits perfectly if you have tattoos. Naturally, it is necessary to do them before doing flattop. Designs are trimmed.
  • Elongated flattop is almost the same in the technique of implementing, strands must be longer. As a rule, at the nape area – over 7 centimetres, and at the temple area – over 3 centimetres. This hairdo is suitable for men with irregular head and not exactly clear head skin, for example, with pigmentation. The haircut will look in an attractive way on thin and hard hair. But it needs care.



Men`s haircut flattop is not universal and not fits the most of men. If hair is not thick and hard, it is necessary to do the styling, using a brush, hairdryer and professional cosmetics. it is hard, but possible – if to use high-quality clay PLIABLE CLAY PALL MALL BARBERS and pomade IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS. You can buy everything in our online-shop FIRM Store. They are available on the Internet and in the hairdressing salon FIRM.

Cosmetics should be put in the damp hair. Then, hair needs to be dried and combed from the face to the nape. After that – fix it with a spray. The professional cosmetic agent of the NAVILLE brand will be suitable.

If you want to give this look more audacity – strands at the parietal area are styled with the fixing cosmetic agent. The pomade IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS is suitable perfectly. Discreet and aristocratic looking can be done by combing hair from the top to the side – to any side. It needs to be fixed there, too, for example with the CREAM POMADE BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA. In the photo hair, it is clear that it is not suitable for everyone – only for men with a certain type.


Branded haircuts and stylings are not suitable for everyone and not for every age. For example, flattop is not suitable for flat-faced and well-fleshed men with a short neck. In this case, the haircut pays attention to the drawbacks and makes the looking ridiculous. Although in every situation should be a loophole, as for example to do the styling not to the top, but to the side. The bright example is Justin Bieber.

If there is a time for caring and styling, it is easy to find haircuts for round, oval and square face shapes. To hade the drawback of the appearance, the image can be added by messy strands and long bangs. You will get help in searching for your own individual style in the FIRM store and in the FIRM barber`s shop.

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