We believe that it is important to live free. To say what you think. To do what you feel is right. To believe in what you are doing. As long as you live differently you will not make a move.

We work for those who understand how important is to be yourself.

Barber: Sergey Yurtyn
Photo: Aleksej
Barber: Nikita Shmelev
Photo: Sergej
Barber: Jan Shaforost
Photo: David
Barber: nikita shipovskoj
Photo: Igor
Barber: yaroslav rudakov
Photo: Alexandr
Barber: aleksej revutskij
Photo: konstantin
Barber: gena maguza
Photo: Eugene
Barber: nikita korotich
Photo: Sergej
Barber: dmitrij kislyj
Photo: Ruslan
Barber: aleksej dzhura
Photo: Sergej
Barber: Fedor Davydenko
Photo: Ruslan
Barber: Evgeny Buynovsky
Photo: Nikolay
Photo: Ivan
Barber: Leonid Smolin
Photo: Eugene