Faux hawk – men’s haircut


Faux hawk is accurate, easy to care for and simple in the technique of cutting haircut. Firstly, such haircuts for short hair were called “marine” because mostly mariners were wearing them. It is considered that it is a derivative of the word “cable”. Lately, such haircuts were worn by hockeyists so that the haircut started to be called “faux hawk”.

The feature of such haircuts is that at nape and temple areas strands are significantly shorter. The fade to long strands begins from the top of the head. One more difference is quiff. So to say, men`s trendy haircuts are made with a quiff. It mustn’t be shorter than 4 cm. Professional barbers call it universal because it fits adult men as well as very young men. Youngsters more, of course. Let’s find out what the advantages of faux hawk haircut are.


Faux hawk

The main thing is it is easy to implement. Obviously, it is a benefit for a hairdresser, but in case you can’t visit a barbers shop in Kyiv, , it can be done by the less qualified master. There won’t be a lot to recut. In general, any men’s hairdresser can do it. Also, it is easy in styling. Men’s haircut “faux hawk” is one of the easiest haircuts to care for. Such haircut is good looking and stylish in combinations with a business suit as well as with gym clothes.

As we can see in the photo, the “faux hawk” has a lot of variants. The imagination can run wild and you can change your view in different ways. The “faux hawk” refers to the haircuts for short hairdo that it is comfortable to wear in the hottest time of the year. Nevertheless, such creative haircuts are not so short as buzz cut or pig shave and also it doesn’t look brutal.


Noone in barber’s shop will say faux hawk fits any facial type. But among professionals, it is considered to take into account the features of the appearance to create an individual look for every client. For example, we recommend people with rectangular facial type to do short haircuts – maximally open forehead and top.
Men’s haircuts on the photo above are done with an elongated quiff. To make a rectangular face more round it is necessary to add a volume at the top area. Furthermore, men’s haircuts for round face can be added by quiff and partition. Long faces visually get shorter if, for example, the sporty faux hawk is done with a long quiff.

In this case, people with oval faces are luckier – there fewer limits in haircuts. Faux hawk with a quiff is a good decision if you want to look visually older. As you can see in the video, haircut faux hawk makes a man more elegant and well-adjusted. It looks complicated but easy to perform.


Faux hawk - men’s haircut

The faux hawk in the classical variant is longer medium-length hair which is styled to the back. Maximally short at the nape and temples. The volume of the hair is faded from the forehead towards the top. Here is the step-by-step technique of performing the faux hawk:

  • Washed, dry hair is combed from the top towards the nape.
  • Partition is done across – from ear to ear.
  • Across the temple area on every side, the vertical partition is done.
  • Close to the forehead 1,5 cm width part of the hair is separated.
  • The strand should be pulled at 90 degree-angle and cut off, no more than 3 cm should be left.
  • The similar actions at the parietal and temples areas. An important moment in this haircut is: at the temples area strands must be pulled and cut off in the way to make the fade from the forehead to ears gradual and imperceptible.
  • Then – lateral partition at the nape. It is necessary to divide hair strictly in half.
  • Then, strands at the top area are styling. The strand is separated from the partition and cut off. The hairdresser must use the method of obliqued cut. Towards down, the strands must get shorter and shorter. The main thing here is to create gradual and imperceptible fades.
  • After that, the hairdresser gets on with lower part and does the haircut faux hawk with a clipper. He must use the nozzle № 2. In this way, the minimal length is achieved.
  • The last chord – thinning. Probably, it is the most complicated part. Good luck.

If you follow every step you will get qualitative faux hawk. it is important to use not only scissors but a clipper as well. The women’s faux hawk is analogously performed. The sporty variant is a little bit different from the method mentioned above. The length is maximally short, temples and nape areas are shaved with the clipper with a nozzle №1.

Trendy men’s haircuts are also shaved off at the top area with a nozzle №3. The nape is analogously done in a bottom-up manner using nozzles №2-№6. it is important to create gradual fades. The faux hawk is also performed on curly hair but hair is divided into small strands here. In addition, what is important: The haircut is done on the damp hair.

Styling cosmetics and combs are used to correct the styling. The best cosmetics for men are professional – don’t rely on mass-market products. You can buy available products for styling in the FIRM Store. Pomades, gels and clay by the best brands, for example, pomade SOFT WATER POMADE and clay WORKABLE PALL MALL BARBERS. You can buy them in our online-shop or inFIRM barber’s shop.

Faux hawk - men’s haircut

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