Crop – men’s haircut


The USSR is no more and being attractive to a man is no longer shameful. Fashionable short men’s haircuts in 2018 – this is a common part of the image of a modern man. Stylists and not only stylists do not cease to say that a man, regardless of his occupation and age, is obliged to look after himself and worry about the state of his hair. We believe that no one should owe anything to anyone, but we recommend to follow their appearance.

Classic men’s haircuts are popular, as in the photo. Quite a lot of men choose haircut “Crop”. The crop is a stylish haircut for boys, guys and men. We will understand what this crop is.


Crop  - men's haircut

The word “crop” in Russian means “cut”. And this, in principle, explains everything. The whole planet has picked up fashion on the crop. A lot of celebrities and showbiz stars walk with such a haircut: Alexander Kokorin, David Beckham, Brad Pitt.

Although crop is a short haircut, it is not like the others with its textural torn look. This is its zest and spirit of the times. Crop features thick parietal part and texture bangs. Strands fit exactly but become torn. In this case, the youth haircut turns out to be negligent, but this is the negligence that everyone is after. A creative mess, so to speak.

Krop came to replace the popular buzz cut and his brother executed contour. This option is considered to be informal and creative. Trendy haircuts for medium hair complete any look. Crop harmoniously combines thoughtfulness and clarity with carelessness. Do not worry: right after the haircut, men think that they have lost almost all hair. But this is only a first impression. And it is wrong.

Crop fits any style of clothing: from informal to classic. Can be styled on different sides. The selection of hairstyles in the men’s barbershop should be done by the barber – then the hair will turn into a masterpiece. Hairdressing, of course.



As is clear from the photo of men’s haircuts, haircut technique requires careful attention. Phased implementation will make the appearance of an attractive and cutting-edge. The crop is popular among youngsters in different subcultures.

The main feature is in the processing of the occipital and lateral zones. Here we achieve the minimum length of the strands (if you create a classic model haircut). The hairdresser can take into account the wishes of the client and leave the strands longer. And the frontal zone and so becomes extended. The main thing is a smooth shade.

The crop is modelled by the method of elongated cutting of the main part. This is a significant advantage for those men who have their hair started to thin. On thick hair creative modern haircuts, of course, look more attractive.

The professional will immediately say whether the chosen styling is suitable for the client or it is better to refuse. So do not let your friend, girlfriend, brother, etc clip you. This is the work of professionals. Absolutely, you will have any haircut done in Kiev in the barbershop FIRM.


Even if the styling is popular, a man shouldn’t hurry up to do it. It is not necessary to follow trends. It is desirable to look if the kind of the haircut, your type of appearance, age, type of hair and face are compatible with each other. Only haircuts which are suitable for you can help to create a stunning look.

Before choosing branded hairstyle or even styling, the hairdresser estimates the head structure, facial type and client’s hair. He pays attention to the features of the appearance, for example, protruding ears, short neck etc. Just professionals can hide draughts with the help of elongated haircuts. It does not work for amateurs.

Although the crop is considered to be a universal haircut, it is more suitable for slender, gent men with symmetrical faces and bright expressed features of the appearance. Stylists consider that crop is the adaptive haircut out of time. The main thing is to choose a suitable variant.



There are some available variants of modelling a hairdo. Dependently on preferences, demands, type of hair and trends, it is possible to do such kinds of the crop:

  • Smooth. The hairstyle is compatible with the classical, restrained look. Hair is left straight and smooth. The final emphasis is a little quiff. It can be straight and asymmetrical. With its help, we can correct the face.
  • Textured, jagged. Multi-layered cutting strands, feathering, jagged hair – that`s what it means. Thanks to this, haircut gets its carelessness. Such crop reminds grunge style. Somewhat mixed bangs decorate look. Also, it can be asymmetrical and straight.
  • Mixed. The sporty crop is referred to there. Strands are so smooth, straight, but hairdresser leaves minimal permitted length. Bangs is oblique and jagged. In that way, we can emphasise individuality and brightness of the look. Popular men`s haircuts often differ sawtooth waveform – feathers. Different lengths of hair are cut off, but the ladder is underlined weakly.
  • The French styling. Symmetrical and sophisticated. Easy to care for and makes a stunning effect.

But it is not enough to do the hair – you need to care for it. For this, you should choose professional cosmetics. Don`t choose mass-market. Pastes, gels, clays and pomades for modelling hair will be suitable. FIRM Store recommends you CREAM POMADE BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA. Except it, we have pomades IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS. Everything is available on our online-store not doing out from home or in our salon. High-quality cosmetics will help you to care for the creative crop haircut.

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