Cascade – men’s haircut

Men’s haircut is one of the main elements of style. However, all must be tailor-made. There is a haircut, thanks to which you can correct the imperfections of the face. This is a cascade haircut, which is a universal men’s haircut.


Cascade man haircut

Each hairstyle has a number of features that are present only in it. The cascade can be performed with bangs, and without bangs and is suitable for any facial type, unlike many other haircuts. This hairstyle is voluminous, strands can be stacked in it in different ways. The cascade is perfect for those who like experiments – because the strands in it, for example, can be painted in different colours or tinted. In addition, this haircut will help you look younger.

But, as always, there are other features. If you have burned hair or hair is in poor condition – it is better to refuse such a haircut because it will be noticeable to others. It is better to first consult with a knowledgeable master what to do with the condition of the hair, and then already make a men’s haircut cascade. You need to style this haircut every day so that it looks neat. You can do this at the FIRM men’s hairdresser.

firm стрижка каскад


A cascade, if you take good care of it and style it regularly, is a universal men’s haircut. It is perfect for both owners of straight and curly hair and will help to hide the cheeks and the grown beard.
With the help of a haircut cascade, you can emphasize the beautiful features of the face. If you have thin hair, then a haircut is also suitable, because it gives hair volume. If the hair is thick, you can choose any of the types of cascade and anyone will look advantageous.

стрижка каскад


Haircut technology is the same, but this hairstyle may look different. A cascade, like many other haircuts, can have several types. Basically, what a haircut looks like depends on the length of the hair. However, a male haircut cascade happens:

  • Graded. Suitable for everyone, because in it the ends of the hair overlap one another. But it is better to abandon such a variety if you have cut ends of the hair – this will be very noticeable.
  • Torn. This hairstyle is liked by younger people, and besides, it perfectly hides all the imperfections of the face. If the cascade is ragged, then the hair should be of different lengths and lie in several layers. This is a prerequisite.
  • Double. Hair should be trimmed in layers. After that, the master mills them to give additional volume.


каскад в firmbarbershop

The main condition is a smooth transition from long to short strands. And the ladder itself can be either with a soft transition or with a torn one. About which form of men’s haircut cascade is suitable for you, it is better to consult an experienced barber. He will be happy to help you and select the optimal length and shape of the haircut. Shearing is done in two ways:

  • It is necessary to comb the hair back, making the tail, as far as the length of the hair allows. After that, you should choose the longest strands and cut the hair out of them obliquely. You can’t cut your hair perpendicularly if you use this method, because then they will stick out in different directions and give in poor styling.
  • Comb your hair by combing it in front. Make a tail in the frontal area of the head. If you want the haircut to be asymmetric, you should make the tail on the side. The continuation of this method is exactly the same as in the first.


каскад прическа

For this haircut, completely different styling is suitable, since the haircut is more than universal. If the hair contour is torn enough, you can not use a hairdryer for styling. Wet hair can be slightly tousled with your hands, leading them to a deliberately messy look, and then secured with styling. Looks great cascade with shaved temples. This type of haircut looks stylish, modern and bold.


This haircut is universal, it looks very stylish. Its only minus is the need to constantly style hair, because without styling such a haircut looks pretty boring. It’s not necessary to visit a barbershop with such a haircut too often, once every 2-3 months is enough. Hair can always be gathered in a ponytail – this option is common.


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