The majority of the men at the post-Soviet area don’t get accustomed to the comfort life so they appreciate the simplicity and naturalness. And this is the reason why Ukrainian men mostly choose haircuts for short hair. The buzzcut is very popular – classical variant, it could be said the first paragraph in every men’s hairdressing salon menu. The main advantage of this haircut is that it fits all men. Absolutely all.


Men’s short haircuts like buzzcut are universal but look creative because every man has his own shape of the head and facial features. Thus, men’s determination is emphasised (of course, visually): short haircuts – it is always audacious. Fashionable haircuts for the long hair are also not bad, we can call it “fashion buzzcut”.

The haircut has its name for a good reason. The buzzcut came to the “simple world” from the sport. The majority of famous sportsmen prefer buzzcut. Firstly, it is beautiful. But if to say seriously, hair doesn’t fall on eyes and doesn’t disturb while training – it is maximally convenient. What is more, the haircut opens the face, and if you have appealing facial features it is a winning move. The shape holds great, hair doesn’t stick out to all sides even in the morning after sleeping. The one more advantage, which stylish short men’s and women’s haircuts have is the length. it is short! Hair doesn’t need to be styled and special care. You didn’t need to attend barber’s shop twice a week. The one thing is needed is little correction once a month.

The hair needs to be washed with professional cosmetics occasionally(not mass-market!). For example, with shampoo by MONSIEUR BARBIER MONSIEUR BARBIER, IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS brands. You can buy them in our online-shop FIRM Store. To make short haircuts like on the photo look less audacious and more creative, you can tousle the strands or put them to the side. The variability of styling will help to change the image often – there would be a desire. Let’s figure out who fits the buzzcut.



Men’s haircuts buzzcut and executive contour don’t have age and status limits – it fits every man who has hair. Such haircuts can be done independently from the shape of the skull, colour and volume of hair. Buzzcut fits children, guys, adult men, making them recognizable and attractive. Adult men look younger with it.

Fashionable hairstyles for guys are suitable for owners of thin and light hair. Due to the proprietary styling, the skin gaps can be hidden. In addition, the styling is suitable for men with hair that quickly get dirty. Boxing is one of the few hairstyles that can add brutality to the image and focus on masculinity. Fashionable short haircuts buzzcut have only one drawback: they do not fit people with curly hair. They also open scars on the head – but we warned that the image will become brutal.

Haircuts on video are considered classics. In the FIRM barbershop, buzzcut is ordered most often. This is the very first number on the menu. In the photo of short haircuts, it is clear that such hairstyles can unexpectedly change the image. Another advantage is its versatility. Such fashionable hairstyles for men are modelled on the hair of any length.

To make the buzzcut, you need a minimum number of tools, but good skills in using the clipper. There are a million educational videos and articles like “Men’s hairstyles step by step”, etc. on the Internet. – that is, you can try to make the buzzcut by yourself. But it is better to turn to a professional. The hairdresser will not hurt you, well, and even for such a thing as buzzcut, you need to carry out the selection of the haircut most suitable for the appearance.



Buzzcut – men’s haircut which is done with a clipper, so it is done on dry hair. Begin with the temples area: using the nozzles №2 and №3, the hair is cut off to the required height. As a rule – one centimetre, but there could be less. Then, go to the back of the head. As we can see, the hairstyle buzzcut on the photo implies smooth fades. Barber should focus on the top. Above this zone, strands are made longer. Depending on the client’s desire, 3-4 cm are left.

During the haircut buzzcut, sharp lines appear. They are aligned with scissors for thinning or with a clipper. The main thing is to make these fades smooth – we can see in the buzzcut video. Edging lines of the neck and ears are created with a razor. So they are clearer and more accurate. But you can do with a machine with a minimal nozzle.

At the request of the client, the usual haircut buzzcut is sometimes trimmed, but the fringe is left. Sometimes even long. How to make a haircut, with bangs or without – the master will tell. Experienced hairdressers see what is more suitable for people. In accordance with the features of the appearance, the master chooses the technology for performing the buzzcut. The nuances are discussed with clients before the process, especially if they plan to make creative short haircuts.

To make popular haircuts have an attractive look and hold on all day long, you need to make an effort in the morning. The hairstyle needs periodic washing of the head and less often – correction. This will help high-quality cosmetic products, such as paste TEXTURE ENHANCER PALL MALL BARBERS or pomade IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS. In addition, PLIABLE CLAY PALL MALL BARBERS clay and LIGHT DRESSING PALL MALL BARBERS cream are suitable. These all can create a variety of complexity of installation. Products are available in our online store FIRM Store. It can be purchased by residents of Kiev and Ukraine.


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